水琴窟 – Suikinkutsu

• Download Here • Last night I finally had some time to fix some of my audio recordings, so I decided to update an old bandcamp release of mine with this water-related recording of a Suikinkutsu. For those who have never heard of suikinkutsu, you can read about it here.  They are very quiet garden instruments, very difficult to find … Continue reading 水琴窟 – Suikinkutsu


埠頭でゴムがきしむ音 – Squeaky Rubber At The Dock

• Download Free Here • Here is another harbour-related sound recording from the Oshima Island. It is another favourite sound of mine when it come to docks, like the tied ropes and whistling lines on a windy day. This sound comes from the ferry dragging one of its sides against those big rubber blocks you see in the above picture. Since … Continue reading 埠頭でゴムがきしむ音 – Squeaky Rubber At The Dock

荒い海 – Choppy Sea

• Download Free Here • Last recording I posted was from the Oshima Island's choppy sea crashing into tetrapods and making that lovely breathing rhythmic sound. This is the recording of the sea on that day from a spot not so far from the harbour. I never get tired of listening to the sea; it makes me … Continue reading 荒い海 – Choppy Sea

排水溝の呼吸 – Breathing Drainage

• Download Free Here • Here is an odd recording from the island of Oshima, 2-hour boat ride from Tokyo. The sea was choppy and this drainage was running next to the harbour's car park. Somehow the waves that were hitting tetrapods were making this pleasant breathing sound which caught my attention. Enjoy! # SoundDevices Recorder - DPA Microphones

夕方のチャイム – Evening Chime

• Download Here • In my previous audio post I shared a recording of the 'morning chime' or 'shichiji no chime' playing in the island of Mikurajima. This is the 'evening chime' or 'goji no chime' recorded on exactly the same spot. Again, you can find a very good English explanation and videos about the meaning of these … Continue reading 夕方のチャイム – Evening Chime

朝のチャイム – Morning Chime

• Download Here • A couple of months ago, I posted a recording where you could hear a short melody playing in distance. This very short recording is just the same kind played in the morning. The 'morning chime', or 'shichiji no chime', playing here was recorded in the island of Mikurajima. If you ever come … Continue reading 朝のチャイム – Morning Chime

イルカの鳴き声 – Dolphin’s Whistles & Clicks

• Download Here • This is the continuation of my previous post on Mikurajima, and this time is an underwater recording. The island, if you didn't read the wiki article, is a natural park and also home to around 100 dolphins. According to locals, the dolphins have been living there for very long simply because the … Continue reading イルカの鳴き声 – Dolphin’s Whistles & Clicks

船が来た – Ferry Is Coming

• Download Here • A while back, I spent a long weekend in Mikurajima, a very relaxing island not too far from Tokyo. As usual I brought bad weather with me, so I didn't have many chances to record over there. This was taken from the top of a hill looking down the harbour where the … Continue reading 船が来た – Ferry Is Coming

両生類 – Amphibians

• Download Here • The chorus of frogs seems to be one of the most popular ambience, judging from Soundcloud group plays. So today, I'm sharing yet another type of amphibians in a Japanese spring ambience recorded in Okinawa. This was taken in early evening at a reservoir. I have no idea of the species, but … Continue reading 両生類 – Amphibians

鳥の夫婦喧嘩 – Birds Quarrel At Dusk

• Download Here • There is nothing better than a good argument at dusk, while the goji no chime is signifying the end of the day. That's how I felt while listening to and looking at these 2 birds going ballistic at each other. Ok,  I don't have a total clue or what was happing … Continue reading 鳥の夫婦喧嘩 – Birds Quarrel At Dusk

蓋がカタカタ – Rattling Lid

• Download Free Here • Sometimes you have to record those sounds that you hear every time but you are too lazy to grab your gear and record. That's the case with this short recording, a rattling lid on a boiling pot full of veggies. It may not be the most interesting sound in the world, but … Continue reading 蓋がカタカタ – Rattling Lid

お囃子 – Ohayashi

• Download Here • I'm sure you have heard this kind of music before if you have visited Japan and attended some kind of matsuri (festival) or celebration. It's called Ohayashi, but there are many different variations of the name depending on the type of event. This was recorded in Yoyogi Hachimangu Shrine on New Year's … Continue reading お囃子 – Ohayashi

おやすみリリーちゃん – Good Night Little Lily

• Download Free Here • I put together this recording for a little 8 year old girl who asked me for a nature soundtrack for her bed time. She mostly wanted insect sounds but after going through my small archive, she bossily put together her wish list and demanded a specific order of appearance. So, … Continue reading おやすみリリーちゃん – Good Night Little Lily

梟 – Owl

• Download Here • A while back, I remember tweeting about a BBC program dedicated to owls and their unbelievably quiet flying skills, which give them an advantage when approaching a prey. This is recording of my first personal experience with an owl. At first it was in front of me, then next to me and … Continue reading 梟 – Owl

午後遅く – Late Afternoon

• Download Here • While exploring the Iriomote Island on foot, following the call of this eagle (crested serpent-eagle), I ended up on top of the hill of a dead-end trail. The idea was to record those beautiful birds from up high, but without a parabolic microphone, it turned out to be quite impossible. Instead, I ended … Continue reading 午後遅く – Late Afternoon

虫の音 – Shrilling Buzz

• Download Here • If you have ever been to Japan or any Asian countries, you have certainly heard this sound. I posted a summer soundscape before that sounded similar to this Okinawa afternoon buzz, but I don't think this sound is quite the same as the sound you hear in Tokyo. Somehow it seems more ringing than … Continue reading 虫の音 – Shrilling Buzz

林 – Wildwood

• Download Here • Another soundscape recorded on the Iriomote Island of Okinawa, in the late morning. As you can see from the picture, it was very close to the sea, so occasionally you hear waves crashing in the background. The location is Todomari beach, famous for sea turtles that come and lay their eggs here every … Continue reading 林 – Wildwood

赤翡翠 – Ruddy Kingfisher

• Download Here • Recently keeping up with everything has been quite a challenge, time was never enough to post anything. Today is a national holiday so I' m taking the chance to schedule some audio posts related to Okinawa. This is a recording of a ruddy kingfisher taken during a windy morning close to … Continue reading 赤翡翠 – Ruddy Kingfisher

蛙 – Frogs

• Download Free Here • As the cold season closes in, the nostalgia of the just passed spring kicks in. Here is a typical soundscape of countryside Japan during spring: frogs in rice fields. It can be overwhelming at times, but always a pleasure to listen to. Just a note, the original recording was mono, … Continue reading 蛙 – Frogs

井の頭公園の賑わいに迷う – Lost In The Buzz Of Inokashira Koen

• Download Free Here • The summer just flew by and I didn't even realise it. I have been out and about trying to get some interesting sound recordings but miserably failed. If it wasn't my wrongdoing, was bad timing or noisy location. So, while I was sitting on a bench in Inokashira Park, sipping … Continue reading 井の頭公園の賑わいに迷う – Lost In The Buzz Of Inokashira Koen

夏が来た – Summer Is Here

• Download Free Here • When you hear this sound in Japan, it can only mean one thing: from here to the end of August is going to be hot, humid and very unpleasant. In other words summer is here. I know you may have heard cicada before on this blog. However, in this recording there … Continue reading 夏が来た – Summer Is Here

水中の禅 – Underwater Zen

• Download Free Here • First of all, happy World Listening Day ! I didn't have much time this year to submit anything to the Sonic-Terrain W.L.D. compilation. So, instead I will share this very simple yet magical underwater sound, recorded at the coral reef of the East China Sea off Ishigaki island, Japan. The recorder was … Continue reading 水中の禅 – Underwater Zen

雨音 – Rain Drops

• Download Free Here • Last week it was raining everyday, as a result I was playing around with my hydrophones on my small wooden terrace. At first I placed them on the wooden floor as contact microphones. Then in a wooden bucket, plastic bottles, metal cases  and finally a plastic bucket, all of which were … Continue reading 雨音 – Rain Drops

新宿駅の改札 – Shinjuku Station Gates

• Download Here • Perhaps not one of the most intriguing sounds ever, nevertheless I've never posted the beeping ambience of an underground station in Tokyo, so here it is. This isn't the main JR (Japan Railway) gate but still a busy Shinjuku station exit on a Saturday afternoon. Enjoy! # SoundDevices Recorder - DPA … Continue reading 新宿駅の改札 – Shinjuku Station Gates

カチャカチャと鳴る錠前 – Rattling Hinge Lock

• Download Free Here • A while ago I did post here the sound of the wind hitting the upper deck ferry wires. This was recorded in the same place, but this time is the rattling lock that took my attention. Enjoy! # SoundDevices Recorder - DPA Microphones

猿の餌付け – Feeding Monkeys

• Download Free Here • I know it has been a while since I posted a recording but I have been very busy and posting audio takes time. That's why I have been posting more images recently. Here are some quite irritating screeching sounds from monkeys being fed in the island of Shodoshima.  The location is … Continue reading 猿の餌付け – Feeding Monkeys

花見 – Flower Viewing

• Download Here • One of the most beautiful natural display that one can experience in Japan and other Asian countries is definitely Hanami, which literally  translates as flower viewing. People gather in parks, along canals or rivers and even in private spaces to admire the beauty of these flowers. Usually, people bring along food … Continue reading 花見 – Flower Viewing

風に鳴る鉄線 – Wind On Wires

• Download Free Here • Here is another lovely nature short piece, wind, recorded on a ferry on a journey to Shodoshima island. The weather was pretty awful, cold and miserable, yet the very strong wind managed to entertain me for an hour trip that felt like few minutes.  Those cables were singing so beautifully. … Continue reading 風に鳴る鉄線 – Wind On Wires

羽根木公園 – Hanegi Park

• Download Here • It has been quite a long time since posting any recording , very busy with work, health issues and trying to keep up with life. I have changed again my wordpress theme, almost happy. I may change it again soon, not so happy with the enormous feature image in each post, beside … Continue reading 羽根木公園 – Hanegi Park

明けましておめでとう!- Happy New Year

• Download Here • Here is a recording of last night celebration of new year in a small temple of Tokyo.  Most of the people have left the capital to go back to their families in the country side or holidays. Actually Tokyo is quite dead during this time. Those people who stay in the … Continue reading 明けましておめでとう!- Happy New Year

水 – Water

Download Here enter 0 as amount or donate. I have been very busy lately and I didn't have a chance to post anything new. Between projects I managed to put together these 3 tracks which were requested to me by a person that lives in the desert. Since I shared the same files with a couple … Continue reading 水 – Water

海で また別の夜 – Another Night by The Sea

• Download Free Here • This was recorded in the same woods of the last post on india, this time around midnight. And it's the last of all my usable recordings from India. I hope I have inspired you to visit this wonderful country which, despite the look and reputation, has plenty to give and … Continue reading 海で また別の夜 – Another Night by The Sea

ストリート・タイピング – Street Typing

• Download Free Here • This is an awkward one, on the side of a busy street I found this shop that had people outside typing documents for customers. Back in the days printers weren't widely available but I had never seen it on the street like that , quite a scene. # Korg MR-1 - … Continue reading ストリート・タイピング – Street Typing

川で洗濯 – Washing by The River

• Download Free Here • We came across these women washing clothes and dishes by the river while going to a remote temple close to Mysore. I really can't remember the place name sorry. Namaste! # Korg MR-1 - SoundMan OKM II Classic Binaural Mics

バスの中 – In a Bus

• Download Free Here • This is not joke, it was actually recorded inside a bus. It was so loud 😀 20-minutes ride with this music. I mean, I don't mind this music at all but trust me, blasted with almost broken speaker it can be very annoying. I miss you India! Enjoy! # Korg … Continue reading バスの中 – In a Bus